RIFF JTAG – HTC Desire with SLCD , Direct Unlock update

20.09.2010 – HTC Desire new revision boards supported!

Whats new:

  • Added optional selection for SPL versions
  • Added direct Unlock function without SPL reflashing

As already noted before, the HTC Desire is being shipped now with SLCD display type, instead of previous AMOLED.
Now You can chose SPL version to be used, 0.80.0000, or 0.92.0007. Latest SPL supports both display types, but at the moment this SPL isn’t rooted as we know.

Here is how it works now:

If You want just to repair the SPL, Untick the IMEI and HTC Partition check boxes.
If phone IMEI or eeprom is damaged, You need to tick the HTC Partition and IMEI check boxes, and of course fill out the desired IMEI.

If You just want to unlock phone, without any other changes, select “Unlock Settings” TAB and press “Unlock” button:

This function will unlock the phone without touching any other memory part.