RIFF JTAG – JTAG Manager v1.14 released

02.09.2010 JTAG Manager v1.14 released
Whats new:

JTAG Manger 1.14
– Increased internal buffers size to support NAND devices with 4KB/256KB Page/Block size which makes possible now to run Samsung S8500 fully functional resurrector;

– Added OneNAND 2K/4K pages size selection for DCC Loader setup in Custom Target Settings mode; (make sure you use latest OneNAND standalone DCC loaders; old OneNAND loaders may not start on the 1.14 JTAG Manager version);

– Fixed: now OneNAND settings (in DCC Loader Settings) are not discarded to defaults on next software startup.

– Improved presets loading sequence; – (SDK): exported new SUB_ID_SET_JTAG_SPEED function for resurrectors; Please click “Check for updates” button to download new version.