RIFF Box updates more LG models boot repair supported

20.04.2018 RIFF Box updates:

LG models boot repair, read/write eMMC and pinouts:

  • LG D625
  • LG F460K
  • LG H410
  • LG H443
  • LG H525N
  • LG H631
  • LG H635
  • LG H734
  • LG H788
  • LG H790
  • LG H811
  • LG H815
  • LG H818P
  • LG H845
  • LG K120K
  • LG L23
  • LG L24
  • LG LS740
  • LG LS885
  • Sony E2333

To download and install updates, click “Check for Updates” button on “Box Service” tab.

RIFF Box v1 (Black box) users who havent used 15 days trial can activate it after installing JTAG Manager v1.76 and downloading new data.
In case that trial period is used but fw version is still 1.48 or older, please request trial reset in “Account recovery” section.
Box S/N and “Trial reset” required.

Important request for our users:

Thanks to our users, we have received and collected huge amount of new files (flash dumps and other data) and now we need board photos.

We’re processing new files and preparing updates, so anyone with not supported model in hands should take hi res photo of board and upload or send it via QQ.