RIFF JTAG Manager v1.63 released

JTAG Manager 1.63

  • RIFF2’s eMMC Voltages list bug is fixed.
  • BOX detection is re-worked. No special drivers are required anymore, standard COM Port Windows drivers can be used.
  • No need to enter COM Port numbers manually for Windows 10. Box is detected automatically as for older Windows versions.
  • Added “Missing Resource” feature. If DLL is missing some resource, for example schematics picture, logs or binary data,
    the JTAG Manager will popup special dialog so it is possible for custmers to upload data to RIFF Server after which the DLL can be updated with missing data.
    Active customers will be rewarded with credits.
  • A feature added to edit registration details (eMail, login, password) in Account Manage dialog: the new button – “Edit Account Details”
  • Cosmetic interface changes

To download and install this update, simply click “Check for Updates” on “Box Service” TAB.