RIFF JTAG Manager v1.76 Configure GP Partitions , EXT_CSD support in PKG Editor

Please download newly released files from update server:

– RIFF JTAG Manager 1.76

– Fixed bug which caused distorting ExtCSD register data when browsing through ExtCSD Register Fields in case selected field size was more than 4 bytes ([eMMC/SD Advanced] dialog)
– Fixed displaying of General Partition Size in eMMC Connect log (when press [eMMC/SD Advanced]/[Read Info From eMMC] or [Check eMMC/SD Card] buttons)
– Added General Partitions resize dialog ([Configure GP Partitions] button in the eMMC/SD Advanced dialog).
– Action [Access eMMC EXT_CSD Register] inf PKG Editor is improved: added option to select multiple EXT_CSD register fields from eMMC Info File (along with their values)
– Action [Establish SD/MMC Direct Connection] is updated with recommended parameters of SD/MMC Interface, VCCIO Voltage, SD_CLK Frequency and BusWidth.
Note: those parameters have ‘recommended’ status – they are just copied to proper JTAG Manager fields when the PKG is selected.

New ISP DLL-s:

  • Nokia Lumia 630,
  • Samsung E330K
  • Samsung E370K
  • Samsung G532F
  • Samsung I535
  • Samsung I8160
  • Samsung I9500
  • Samsung J120H
  • Samsung J200H
  • Samsung J500H

Licensing server updates:

– License switch between JTAG/eMMC interfaces is now off. For all permanently activated accounts, both licenses will be activated at once so box can be used offline in full after licenses are downloaded.
– License switch remains active for trial accounts.