RIFF Box JTAG Manager v1.68, RIFF Box firmware v1.44 released

JTAG Manager 1.68
– Added option “Forced eMMC Samsung Mode” to the “Write CID Register” operation, so the Samsung eMMC chips with not valid Manufacturer ID field (the valid one is 0x15) could be processed.

Firmware 1.44
– Fixed Hynix (and possibly other non-Samsung eMMC chips) bug which caused erase of chip contents during init stage (“Check eMMC/SD Card” button);
– Changed eMMC autodetection algo for Samsung chips. Now a simple check of Manufacturer ID is used (note, the Samsung eMMC’s Manufacturer ID = 0x15)
Please note, currently is supported eMMC CID Register Write operation for Samsung chips. Thus, for Samsung eMMC it is possible to change Manufacturer ID byte.
In case Manufacturer ID is not equal 0x15, all extended Samsung eMMC’s functionality will be disabled (Write CID,CSD, Read/Write eMMC firmware, etc).
To enable it, use “Write CID Register” operation with the forced Samsung Mode checkbox checked to write the 0x15 value back to the Manufacturer ID field.