RIFF JTAG Manager v1.67, RIFF Box Firmware v1.43

JTAG Manager 1.67
– Fixed bug (which is related to RIFFBOX2 only), which caused box connection error, after this operation: “Setting new JTAG/eMMC License to the RIFFBOX.”

RIFF Box Firmware v1.43

– Fixed bug related to RIFF Box v1 eMMC detection
– Fixed bug related to RIFF Box v2 USB 2.0 ports enumeration

New RIFF Box v2 drivers:
– Drivers from year 2014 (x86 and x64)

Instructions for users with V2 box and “Device cannot start, error code 10” problem:

Method 1:
– Disconnect RIFF Box v2 from USB port
– Open box housing and take PCB out
– Connect TP1 to TP2 using tweezers,
– Connect USB cable to Box and PC
– Disconnect TP-s
– Launch JTAG Manager (any version from 1.65 and up)
– Perform Firmware Update as requested

After You connect TP-s and USB cable, box will enumerate in bootloader mode. RIFF Update Port driver is required (like allways during firmware update) and Recovery firmware will be flashed.
After this, normal Firmware Update procedure will follow and You can use RIFF Box on any USB port (2.0 or 3.0).

Method 2:

– Find working USB 3.0 port (By working means that LPCDevice driver works)
– Update box to V1.43 firmware