RIFF JTAG -CDMA Samsung F619 supported

07.10.2011    CDMA Samsung F619 supported

The Samsung F619 board is auto powered on with USB Data Cable connected to the PC. Battery presence is not required; connection can be established with detached board.

To resurrect Samsung F619:

  •  Solder JTAG cable to Samsung F619 JTAG pads;
  •  Connect USB cable;
  •  Make sure Samsung F619 is selected in the list of models;
  •  Click Resurrect button;
  •  Wait till software signals a successful operation completion;
  •  Disconnect power supply, de-solder JTAG wires;

Now phone is in bootable condition, that is, even if it does not start up normally, you can flash it using known flashing methods.

To enter download mode:

  •  Disconnect PC cable;
  •  Insert battery;
  •  Hold ‘9’ key and press ‘Power ON’ button.