RIFF JTAG Manager v1.66, RIFF II Firmware v1.42 (10x faster)

Please read this carefully if You are RIFF Box v2 user:RIFF JTAG Manager 1.66
– RIFFBOX2 support for new connection mode is added (for new Drivers)
– Due to new drivers Read/Write speeds via eMMC interface increased 10 times and more
– Read/Write speed is now shown in MB/s
– Firmware Update process adjusted for slow networks (Indonesia, Bangladesh, India . . .)

RIFF Box Firmware v1.42

– RIFFBOX connection mode is optimized for better speed, it is no more the CDC.
The data transfer speeds are increased more than 10 times.
– Fixed bug in handling the erroneous situations during eMMC data read operations.

RIFF Box v2 users:

1. Download new files from server (JTAG Manager and “New Drivers”)
2. Click “Firmware Update” and wait for process to be finished,
(Update port driver remains old ! ! !)
3. Install new drivers from “New Driver” folder in JTAG Manager install dir.

New driver, together with new firmware will dramatically increase performances with eMMC chips and SD cards.
Theoretical speed is up to 18MB/s using 4bit bus width.
In practice it can depend on eMMC chip model but even for oldest chips it’s near 10MB/s.

RIFF Box v1 users don’t need to install new driver, as it cannot be implemented for old hardware for now.