RIFF JTAG – RIFF Data Exchange Plugin 1.00 released

31.03.2011 RIFF Data Exchange Plugin 1.00 released
First release of the RIFF Data Exchange Plugin: please download it, and then select it on Usefull Plugins page in the JTAG Manager to read short description about the plugin’s abilities. In short it allows RIFF BOX users to share and use Full Image files in centralized manner without need to waste a lot of time for browsing countless forums.

Because of big sizes of Full Image files, we don’t host them, instead users share links to file sharing servers where the files are actually uploaded. (like megaupload.com, rapidshare.com and others) You can browse existent links for required image file or share your image file (by sharing a http link) to help other RIFF BOX users.

If you share image file please take attention to carefully fill file details so for other people this to be an easy task to search for required file (link)
If you used link to download file and found it good or bad or link to be broken – please Rate this link so other users see the usability of the link.
At the moment of first release of this plugin there are already few links shared so you’ll catch the idea fast.

Please click “Check For Updates” button in order to download and apply new files. Closing all running application before starting update process is recommended.