RIFF Box eMMC/UFS partition manager v5.09

eMMC/UFS partition manager (eMMCDiskPartitions.dll) v5.09

Tthe “eMMC Partition Table FullFlash Image Files Processing Plugin ” is now renamed to “eMMC/UFS partition manager” !!!!!!

  • Plugin interface was reworked slightly in order to be usable as well by users which have low-resolution screens, like 1280×720, etc
  • Main menu is modified
  • Added ‘Options’ to main menu, Show Gaps, Prefer EFI and etc checkboxes are moved to this menu.
  • Added feature to show/hide HEX content panels – this may be handly for low-resolution screens, so user can hide hex panels in order to be able to see more crucial partitions layout columns
    To Hide/Show use shortcut [CTRL+T] or [Menu->Show/Hide HEX Panels].
  • Added remove FRP function;
  • Added Factory Reset function;
  • Added [Load Backup File] option to the right-click context menu of the parsed partitions list.
    Currently, backups are created during the FRP and Master Reset operations. In order to restore backup, right-click anywhere in the parsed partitions list, chose [Load Backup File…]
    and select backup file (Backups are created in JTAG Manager’s BackFiles folder). The data from backup is automatically injected into proper partitions,
    modified partitions are selected (marked with blue color), cursor is automatically moved to the first modified partition, and all is ready to be flashed using the [Flash Selected] buttons.
  • Added feature to undesrtand ANSI named parttions for GPT-partitioned images
    (Philips Android TV and similar)
  • Fixed bug when preview image panel in file browser was trying to load incorrect image and stopped responding after this.

    EXT4 features added:
  • Added feature to view properties of EXT4 Files/Directories/Root Directory (for this, right click on parsed EXT4 object and select ‘Properties…’);
  • Added feature to change UNIX atrributes: like Owner/Group/Others Read/Write/Execute rights, GID, UID, Set-to-execute bits (SGID, SUID).
  • Added feature to change extended attributes field in EXT4 File Systems
  • Added feature: after parsing partition with supported file system, it is possible now to search all parsed files to contain a specified ASCII/Hexadecimal string;
    For this Right click on parsed tree and select “Search File Contents> or while Files Tree is active press CTRL+H. To continue next search, while Files Tree is active or Files HEX window is active, press F3
  • Added feature: after parsing partition with supported file system, it is possible now to search for a specified file/directory name
    For this Right click on parsed free and select “Search for File/Directory” or while Files Tree is active press CTRL+F. To continue next search, while Files Tree is acitve, press F3
  • Fixed EXT4 file system read files bug: big files, or defragmented files, which data owned more than one extent’s leaf node of level depth 1 and deeper, the contents of extracted/read file were corrupted.
  • Added create directory in partition with EXT4 File System
  • Added upload file into partition with EXT4 File System
  • Added feature to show unused space of partitions which host supported File Systems (EXT4, FAT16, FAT32, etc.)
  • Improved parsing of EXT4 file systems – more checks are added, thus in case the image file is broken, plugin will be able to parse as much as possible without access violation errors
  • Fixed Direct/Indirect block addressing for EXT4 iNodes (full scheme is implemented)

    General improvements:
  • Improved HEX windows (in partition list page and files system browsing page), keyboard navigation, selection is added so it is possible
    to use HEX windows as simplified HEX editor
  • Added feature to save selected partitions – for this, select those partitions you need to save into files, and then right click and choose ‘Save Selected Partitions…’
  • When extracting partition, default prefix is automatically filled into the Save Dialog’s name field, this simplifies the operation.
  • Improved parsing of GPT layout in case list of partitions is not consistent and intermittent
  • Supported parsing GPT/EFI image with entries containing MTK’s relative partitions
  • Fixed wrong parse of PIT-partitioned file in case when ‘Prefer the EFI Partitioning’ is checked and no EFI info is found.
  • Fixed errors when parsing small-sized partitions (like Boot Partition) directy from device (Parse Connected Memory)
  • Fixed bug when no known layout was detected on connected memory (Parse Connected Memory) – the plugin was making single partition as ‘IMAGE_FILE’ but size was incorrectly set to 0.
    now size is correct and equals the phisical size of the parsed partition.
  • Added ‘Stop Operation’ button to progress window, so now user can terminate unintended long operations

RIFF Box JTAG Manager v1.87

RIFF Box JTAG Manager v1.87

  • GUI Changes:
    – eMMC/SD Advanced window resized to fit smaller screen resolution, most used functions buttons moved to bottom of interface,
    – Added shortcut button for eMMC/UFS partition manager to “Resurrection” TAB,
    – Available frequencies list shortened, added 102 MHz and 204 MHz ,
  • New functionalities added:
    – eMMC Advanced Dialog: [eMMC Write Test] button is added
    This performs the operation to check if current eMMC is healthy and is not Write Blocked.
    – eMMC Advanced Dialog: [Write EXTCSD Register] button is functional now: this will write all writeable EXT_CSD fields to the eMMC.
    – When connecting to eMMC Memory, health status is now displayed too
    – When connecting to eMMC Memory, 16-byte hex string value of CID and CSD registers is now displayed too
    – Improved function of Open eMMC Info File button on the eMMC Advanced Actions form. Now selecting file type on Open File dialog will execute appropriate routine to load the file’s contents depending on format of file
    – USB Mode support for MT6575 is added
    – Improved USB booting of MTK devices for both DA types – DAs which report NAND size as 32-bit and DAs which report NAND size as 64-bit integers
    – Added HS200 mode support for 5.0 and 5.1 eMMC chips
  • Bugs fixed:
    – Fixed package execution bug, which caused 6th and 7th condition (if present in PKG) to be executed no matter what was selected by user
    – Fixed “Out of memory” problem after loading more than 50 repair packs
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RIFF Box universal Oppo/Vivo patern/usercode unlock

Here You can read universal instructions to reset FRP, reset usercode/pattern with option to save or wipe userdata.

– Connect phone (ISP or USB for some models)
– Start eMMC plugin, select connection method and click “Parse connected Memory”

To erase FRP, select “Config” partition and click “Erase Partition xx full area”. This will cause phone autowipe, and it can take up to 15 minutes to process to finish. Do not disturb this process !

To make factory reset ,select “Misc” partition, right click and “Inject data from external source”. Select “Factory_Reset.bin“, click “Flash Partition xx full”.

To make factory reset and save data, select “Misc” partition, right click and “Inject data from external source”. Select “Factory_Reset_Save_Data.bin“, click “Flash Partition xx full”.

After this, power on the phone and wait for process to finish. In case there is confirmation required on screen, do so.
Download files here:
Universal Reset.

RIFF Box updates, 29th July to 16th August


RIFF Box updates, 1st March to 25th July

  • Motorola_XT1926_USB_Blankflash.riffpkg
  • LG_D385_ISP.riffpkg
  • LG_D385_USB.riffpkg
  • Huawei_Y6_ATU-L11_USB.riffpkg
  • Huawei_Y6_ATU-L31_HW_RU_USB.riffpkg
  • LG_VS425pp_ISP.riffpkg
  • Samsung_G532F_XXU1ARB1_ISP.riffpkg
  • Xiaomi_Mi_Max_2_MDI40_USB.riffpkg
  • Xiaomi_RN5_SD660_Patched_Full.riffpkg
  • Asus_x014d_USB.riffpkg
  • LG_LMX210BMW_ISP.riffpkg
  • Qualcomm_MSM8260_USB.riffpkg
  • Qualcomm_MSM8660_USB.riffpkg
  • Motorola_XT1557_6.01_ISP.riffpkg
  • Samsung_G532M_UBU1ARE1_ISP.riffpkg
  • Asus_X00TD_Zenfone_Max_Pro_M1_USB.riffpkg
  • Xiaomi_Mi_A2_M1804D2SI_USB.riffpkg
  • Samsung_G130H_ISP.riffpkg
  • Samsung_SM-G355M_ISP.riffpkg
  • LeEco_Le_2_X527_USB.riffpkg
  • Motorola_XT1929_5_ISP.riffpkg
  • LG_H870_Firehose_Only_USB.riffpkg
  • Huawei_Honor_7c_AUM_L41_USB.riffpkg
  • Motorola_XT1643_8.1_ISP.riffpkg
  • Prestigio_PSP5518_DUO_ISP.riffpkg
  • Amazon_Kindle_Fire_1_ISP.riffpkg
  • Ergo_V551_USB.riffpkg
  • Lenovo_TB2_X30L_USB.riffpkg
  • Motorola_XT1550_ISP.riffpkg
  • Samsung_S7580-jtag.riffpkg
  • Samsung_S7582-jtag.riffpkg

RIFF Box updates – cumulative report

  • BQ_Aquarius_X_USB.riffpkg
  • Coolpad_8297L-100.riffpkg
  • HTC_Desire_820u.riffpkg
  • Huawei_G730-U30_USB.riffpkg
  • LG_D321_USB.riffpkg
  • LG_D820_USB.riffpkg
  • LG_K330TN_ISP.riffpkg
  • LG_K330TNTMO_ISP.riffpkg
  • LG_LS775_USB.riffpkg
  • LG_LS777_Unlock_ISP.riffpkg
  • LG_M250DS.riffpkg
  • LG_Nexus_5x_ISP.riffpkg
  • LG_P715_USB1.riffpkg
  • Micromax_D321_USB.riffpkg
  • Micromax_Q355_USB.riffpkg
  • Micromax_YU5010_USB.riffpkg
  • Motorola_MSM8937.riffpkg
  • Motorola_MSM8953.riffpkg
  • Motorola_XT1033_ISP.riffpkg
  • Motorola_XT1033_USB.riffpkg
  • Motorola_XT1506_ISP_5.02.riffpkg
  • Motorola_XT1635-02_7.1_ISP.riffpkg
  • Motorola_XT1635-02_8.0_ISP.riffpkg
  • Motorola_XT1672_8.1.riffpkg
  • Motorola_XT1672.riffpkg
  • Motorola_XT1726_USB.riffpkg
  • Motorola_XT1763_ISP.riffpkg
  • Motorola_XT1763_USB.riffpkg
  • Motorola_XT1922-10-aljetter_ISP.riffpkg
  • Motorola_XT1922-9-jetter_ISP.riffpkg
  • Nokia_5_MSM8937.riffpkg
  • Nokia_7+_SDM660.riffpkg
  • Nokia_TA1053_USB.riffpkg
  • Prestigio_PMP7280C3G_ISP.riffpkg
  • Samsung_G313HN.riffpkg
  • Samsung_G316HU_OJV0APC1.riffpkg
  • Samsung_G390F.riffpkg
  • Samsung_G530H_DV_XCS1BQD6.riffpkg
  • Samsung_g532MT_VJS1ARF1.riffpkg
  • Samsung_g532MT.riffpkg
  • Samsung_G930x_USB.riffpkg
  • Samsung_J320FN_ISP.riffpkg
  • Samsung_J530F_ISP.riffpkg
  • Samsung_L720_USB.riffpkg
  • Smartisan_Nut_2_Pro_USB.riffpkg
  • Spice_Mi_516_USB.riffpkg
  • Xiaomi_Redmi_3x_s_USB_Unlocked.riffpkg
  • Xiaomi_Redmi_6A_ISP.riffpkg
  • Xiaomi_Redmi_s2_china_usb.riffpkg
  • Xiaomi_redmi5_MDE1_ISP.riffpkg
  • Xiaomi_RN5_SD660_Patched.riffpkg
  • ZTE_Z835_USB.riffpkg

RIFF Box updates, 24.12.2018

RIFF JTAG Manager v1.86
– For MTK USB Mode: now JTAG Manager will use any available DA for current MTK chipID (ignore H/W Version) in case exact match (ChipID & H/W Version) is not found in the AllInOneDA file

RIFF eMMC Plugin v5.07:
– Fixed wrong relative partition address when parsing MTK layout from connected device
– [Parse Official Firmware]: improved MTK Scatter Files processing – plugin is aware of a ‘-sign’ addon to file names
– [Parse Official Firmware]: improved MTK Scatter Files processing – plugin is aware of a ‘-verified’ addon to file names

Repair packs:

  • Samsung_G360P_PVPU2APJ2.riffpkg
  • Prestigio_PSP5530DUO_USB.riffpkg
  • Positivo_S455_USB.riffpkg
  • Philips_W6610_USB.riffpkg
  • Motorola_XT1650-03_USB.riffpkg
  • Motorola_XT1635-02_USB.riffpkg
  • Motorola_MSM8926.riffpkg
  • Motorola_MSM8920.riffpkg
  • Motorola_MSM8626.riffpkg
  • LG_D373_USB.riffpkg
  • Gionee_P2S_USB.riffpkg

RIFF Box updates, 16.12.2018

RIFF JTAG Manager 1.85:

  • Added MTK MT6795 support in USB Mode
  • Fixed bug for MTK USB Mode Settings when USB Loader Protocol Field remained disabled with wrong protocol selected

RIFF Repair Packs:

  • LG_H950_ISP.riffpkg
  • LG_H811_USB.riffpkg
  • LG_F670S_USB.riffpkg
  • LG_D380_USB.riffpkg
  • LG_D340F8_USB.riffpkg
  • LG_D325_USB.riffpkg
  • LG_D320N_USB.riffpkg
  • LG_D280N_USB.riffpkg
  • LG_D170_USB.riffpkg
  • LG_D165G_USB.riffpkg
  • LG_D165AR_USB.riffpkg
  • LG_D160_USB.riffpkg
  • LG_D160F_USB.riffpkg
  • LG_D150_USB.riffpkg

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RIFF Box updates, 10.12.2018:

RIFF JTAG Manager v1.83:
MTK USB support, following MCU-s supported:

  • MT6572
  • MT6580
  • MT6582
  • MT6589
  • MT6735
  • MT6592

More to be added in following days.

– Fixed USB connection drop on new USB event, causing JTAG Manager to stop current operation on new device arrival.

RIFF eMMC Plugin v5.04

  • MTK support for linear addressing fixed for USB connection
  • Fixed several bugs affecting parsing of PIT files
  • Fixed MTK preloader injection bug (FF-s instead of preloader data)

RIFF Box Repair packages:

  • ZTE_T663_ISP.dll
  • ZTE_L110_ISP.dll
  • Xiaomi_Redmi_5_USB.dll
  • Xiaomi_Redmi_5A_USB.dll
  • Xiaomi_Redmi_4A_USB.dll
  • Xiaomi_Mi_5X_USB.dll
  • Sony_E5533_ISP.dll
  • Samsung_T561_ISP.dll
  • Samsung_Smart_TV_UE40ES5530W_ISP.dll
  • Samsung_J250F_ISP.dll
  • Samsung_G388F_ISP.dll
  • Motorola_XT1767_ISP.dll
  • Motorola_XT1762_ISP.dll
  • Motorola_XT1100_ISP.dll
  • Meizu_M5c_M710H_ISP.dll
  • Meizu_M3s_ISP.dll
  • LG_K520_ISP.dll
  • LG_F200K_ISP.dll
  • LG_D390N_USB.dll
  • Huawei_Honor_6A_DLI_TL20_USB.dll
  • Huawei_Ascend_Y550_L01_USB.dll
  • Huawei_Ascend_G7_L01_USB.dll
  • Motorola_XT1021_ISP_501.riffpkg
  • Motorola_XT1021_USB_501.riffpkg
  • LG_D295F.riffpkg
  • Huawei_G630_U20.riffpkg
  • Samsung_G600FY_XXU1BRD2.riffpkg
  • Motorola_g5s_plus.riffpkg
  • Motorola_XT1022_USB.riffpkg
  • Motorola_XT1022_ISP.riffpkg
  • Panasonic_Eluga_L2.riffpkg
  • Samsung_J727vpp.riffpkg
  • LG_D802.riffpkg
  • Motorola_XT1677.riffpkg
  • Samsung_J100ML.riffpkg
  • HTC_Evo3d_Sprint.riffpkg
  • Tesla_smartphone_3.riffpkg
  • Cubot_Note_S.riffpkg
  • Samsung_J100H_4.4.riffpkg

RIFF Box updates, 16.10.2018

16.10.2018 updates:

JTAG Manager v1.82
eMMC Plugin v5.02

New DLL files:

  • Xiaomi Redmi S2 USB
  • Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus USB
  • Xiaomi Redmi 4x USB
  • Xiaomi Redmi 3S USB
  • Samsung S4 i9505 USB (write only)
  • Samsung G355H ISP
  • Samsung G532G ISP (version update)
  • Nokia 8110 4G TA ISP
  • LG MS330 ISP
  • Lenovo ZUK Z2 USB
  • Lenovo S580 USB
  • Lenovo A6000 USB
  • Huawei Y6 SCL L21 USB
  • Huawei Y300-100 USB
  • Huawei U9200 ISP

To download new files two methods can be used:
– Automatic method by JTAG Manager -> Box Service -> Check for updates (FTP protocol)

– Manual method via web browser: http://riff.turbo-support.com

In case that for any reason FTP protocol is blocked, please use manual method and download files via web browser.