RIFF Box eMMC Activation resellers

Hello dear visitors!

Please be advised that safest and best way to purchase RIFF Box eMMC Activation credits is directly from this site (PayPal only):

– Read Your BOX S/N using JTAG Manager and copy it to clipboard (ctrl+v)
– Paste Box S/N to appropriate field and click “Buy Now” button.
– Shortly after payment is processed an e-mail will be dispatched to Your PayPal address. Just follow instructions from there.

– This is one time and permanent activation, starting from August year 2017.

Another safe method is to visit our main credits dealer page, RIFF Box shop .
You can either buy from there with more payment options, or You can pickup Your local dealer if it’s listed there.
You can also purchase credits at some of the world’s most reliable GSM web shops:


FoneFun UK

MultiCom EU

Nadim Raza India

YogYaphone Indonesia

Mtunlocker Bangladesh

If You have any doubts or if You have any questions, please visit our official support forum and freely ask any question related to RIFF Box: