RIFF Box version 2 released

Hello there !
After six successful years since the first RIFF Box hardware was released, we’re proud to introduce our new v2 RIFF Box hardware. We did our best to develop a reliable, marvelous, yet functional device.

Below you can read the basics about it. Of course, this is preliminary and just a start. RIFF Box v2 hardware is designed so that it can accommodate a large variety of communication protocols, including those of highest importance for starters.

RIFF BOX v2 H/W Specification

  • Dual-core Cortex-M4 MCU @ 204MHz;
  • PC to Box USB (Device) Speed: Hi-Speed (480 Mbps);
  • Box to Device (Host) Speed: Full-Speed (48 Mbps);
  • SD/MMC Interface with 1-Bit (DAT0) and 4-Bit (DAT0-DAT3) Bus Width support and SD_CLK up to 52 MHz;
  • UART Interface;
  • RIFF™ Smart Probing Feature;
  • Level-adjustable 23 GPIO Lines (1.65V to 3.6V) for interfacing a range of devices and protocols, such as NAND, SPI, I2C, Pin Finder, etc.;
  • 4 fixed 3.3V GPIO Lines;

RIFF BOX v2 Interface Specification

  • 20-Pin Male Connector:
    JTAG Interface: TRST, TDI, TMS, TCK, RTCK, TDO and NRST;
    SWD (Serial Wire Debug) Interface: SWCLK, SWDIO (SWDIO and SWCLK are overlaid on the TMS and TCK pins);
  • 30-Pin Male Connector:
    SD/MMC Interface 1/4Bit @ 52MHz;
    Level-adjustable 23 GPIO Lines (1.65V to 3.6V);
    USB Device Connector: connects the Box with PC @ Hi-Speed (480 Mbps), approx. 20 MByte/sec;
  • USB Host Connector: connects the Box with USB devices @ Full-Speed (48 Mbps), approx. 1.5-2 MByte/sec;
  • RJ-45 Connector:
    RIFF™ Smart Probing Feature;
    UART Port;
    4 Fixed 3.3V GPIO Lines;

Supported SD/MMD Revisions:
Revisions 1.0 to 1.7 (for MMC: v4.0, v4.1, v4.2, v4.3, v4.41, v4.5, v4.51, v5.0) and higher

Supported JTAG Cores:

  • ARM7,
  • ARM920,
  • ARM926,
  • ARM946,
  • ARM7EJS,
  • ARM11,
  • CORTEX-A5,
  • CORTEX-A8,
  • CORTEX-A9,
  • CORTEX-A15,
  • OMAP3430,
  • OMAP3630,
  • OMAP4430,
  • TEGRA2 (ARM7),
  • PXA270,
  • PXA312
  • MIPS32™ IR5Bit,
  • MIPS32™ IR8Bit,

RIFF Box v2 software:

  • RIFF JTAG Manager
  • RIFF Remote helper
  • RIFF Admin client / SN reader
  • RIFF Box USB drivers

New hardware and software is fully compatible with Windows 10, which provides effortless installation. Just connect RIFF Box to Windows 10 based PC and everything will be installed automatically. For older Windows versions, there are custom drivers provided with RIFF JTAG Manager installer.

Few photos of new RIFF Box v2 hardware:

Riff2-b(1) Riff2-a Riff2-cables

RIFF Box v2 speed demonstration – 4bit bus width vs 1bit bus width: