RIFF JTAG – HTC via USB Cable Support added

24.04.2012 ┬áRIFF JTAG – HTC via USB Cable Support added

Whats new:
Released support for HTC phones based on MSM8x55 CPU, which are enumerated on USB port as “QHUSB_DLOAD” device. Now it’s possible to repair these phones without soldering any wires. Even without opening !

Following models are supported at the moment:

  • HTC Desire HD (HTC Ace)
  • HTC Desire S (HTC Saga)
  • HTC Desire Z (HTC Vision)
  • HTC Flyer 3G
  • HTC Flyer WiFi
  • HTC Evo View 4G
It is possible to force QHUSB_DLOAD mode by disabling Vdd line on eMMC chip. Check Desire S TP info for example. This means, You can work with any MSM8255/MSM8655 based HTC phone, as long as You force it into QHUSB_DLOAD mode.
Follow this procedure if You want to use these updates:
  • Connect Your phone to USB port and install QHUSB_DLOAD device driver (C:\Program Files (x86)\RIFF Box JTAG Manager\Drivers\32Bit\QDLOADER)
  • Launch JTAG Manager, select appropriate Model DLL and click desired button
  • Install “RIFF Box DCCLoader USB Interface” port driver (C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\Drivers_64Bit_WorkedForMe\Drivers\64Bit\DCCLDR)
  • If required, repeat the procedure (sometimes required if device is connected for first time)

We will release USB support for rest of the models on these CPU-s in following days.

To download and install new updates – simply click “Check for Updates” button on Box Service TAB.