RIFF JTAG – JTAG Manager v1.35 released

04.08.2011   JTAG Manager v1.35 released

Whats new:

  • Added an arbitrary feature “Settings by Code” to the DCC Read/Write page.

Main purpose is to improve support quality for users: via “Settings Code” string a supporter person sees all settings which were set by user on the DCC Read/Write page.
Though, end-user may benefit from this too: Use “Settings Code” string for JTAG Manager to automatically setup all DCC Read/Write settings

  •  Fixed data loss during read and save operations in case there is not enough disk space available to store required amount of data.

(for example reading full on DCC Read/Write page, or saving read full, etc).
Now available disk space checks are performed prior disk write operations.

Please click “Check For Updates” button in order to download and apply new files. Closing all running application before starting update process is recommended.