RIFF JTAG – Samsung WAVE S8500 Unbrick/Repair beta support

31.08.2010 Samsung WAVE S8500 Unbrick/Repair boot beta support

This is beta test, and it is not available trough “Check for updates” button.

What You need to repair it ?

– RIFF Box
– Micro USB Cable
– Full charged battery (4.2v)
– Multiloader
– USB Drivers
– Firmware files


– Solder RIFF JTAG cable (use very thin wires for PCB, because of battery)
– Insert battery
– Connect Micro USB cable to phone and PC port
– Start the JTAG Manager and select Samsung S8500 PDA from the list
– Switch to “DCC Read/Write” TAB
– Set everything as on photo bellow:

– Press “Read memory” and wait to be finished
– Now switch to “JTAG Read/Write” TAB and press “Connect&Get ID” then “Halt the Target” buttons
– Click “Execute Script” and select CMM file
– Press “Run Script” button

– Ram loader will be uploaded and after its uploaded, phone will automaticaly enter download mode, and detected by PC
– IMPORTANT ! ! ! Now You must disconnect JTAG Cable from RIFF Box
– Start Multiloader 5.62, set “Boot change” and select Boot files folder
– Press download – and wait for process to be finished
– Now phone contains valid bootloader, and can be flashed, so You can desolder JTAG wires from PCB

To enter download mode hold LOCK+Volume Down + Power on Keys.

Problems which You may have:

– Target not detected – check all wires and tp, check battery, 4.2v is a MUST !
– Wrong DCC answer – low battery, or TCK too high, You can use 100KHz TCK too !
– “It not work” – no idea about this lol