RIFF JTAG – Toshiba Tsunagi TG01 Unbrick/EFS Repair/Unlock supported

05.10.2010 Toshiba Tsunagi TG01 Unbrick/EFS Repair/Unlock supported

Please start JTAG Manager and click “Check for Updates” button. You’ll be notified about new DLL, download it and restart the software.
“Toshiba_tg01.dll” contains pinout, repair instructions and required files for single click Toshiba Tsunagi TG01 Unlock and unbrick.

Important info ! ! !

To flash TG01 You need the following :
TG Tool and TSW file or already decrypted bin file
Install TG Downloader and TG USB Drivers first, and reboot the PC.
Connect pin A to pin B on phone and hold the power button. Phone will enter download mode, Windows will find new device, and install drivers.
Start the TG Downloader with admin rights, and open the *.bin file. TG Downloader will report error with version, You need to press YES.
Now You need to select Toshiba DL port in port settings and after confimation, press “Download mode”.
Phone will be booted, and You can press “Download” now.
Now simply wait for download process to be finished.
Credits for this solution go to xda-developers portal!
Communication problems with RIFF can occur. In order to avoid it, disconenct LCD and touch panel flex cable connectors. Usually its enough to have Micro USB Cable connected to PC.

In some cases You may need to keep reset switch pressed, in order to finish operation.

To reset Toshiba TG01 to factory state, hold volume+, camera and power buttons together. Phone will start with confirmation screen, using volume keys You need to select <YES> and confirm with camera button.
Screen calibration will be requested after this !

RIFF JTAG – Samsung WAVE S8500 Unbrick/Repair beta support

31.08.2010 Samsung WAVE S8500 Unbrick/Repair boot beta support

This is beta test, and it is not available trough “Check for updates” button.

What You need to repair it ?

– RIFF Box
– Micro USB Cable
– Full charged battery (4.2v)
– Multiloader
– USB Drivers
– Firmware files


– Solder RIFF JTAG cable (use very thin wires for PCB, because of battery)
– Insert battery
– Connect Micro USB cable to phone and PC port
– Start the JTAG Manager and select Samsung S8500 PDA from the list
– Switch to “DCC Read/Write” TAB
– Set everything as on photo bellow:

– Press “Read memory” and wait to be finished
– Now switch to “JTAG Read/Write” TAB and press “Connect&Get ID” then “Halt the Target” buttons
– Click “Execute Script” and select CMM file
– Press “Run Script” button

– Ram loader will be uploaded and after its uploaded, phone will automaticaly enter download mode, and detected by PC
– IMPORTANT ! ! ! Now You must disconnect JTAG Cable from RIFF Box
– Start Multiloader 5.62, set “Boot change” and select Boot files folder
– Press download – and wait for process to be finished
– Now phone contains valid bootloader, and can be flashed, so You can desolder JTAG wires from PCB

To enter download mode hold LOCK+Volume Down + Power on Keys.

Problems which You may have:

– Target not detected – check all wires and tp, check battery, 4.2v is a MUST !
– Wrong DCC answer – low battery, or TCK too high, You can use 100KHz TCK too !
– “It not work” – no idea about this lol