RIFF JTAG – RIFF JTAG Manager v1.28, RIFF Box firmware v1.20 released

14.03.2011  RIFF JTAG Manager v1.28, RIFF Box firmware v1.20 released

Whats new :

Firmware 1.20

  • Optimised connection to the PXA270 core
  • Added DCC TX channel (host-to-debugger) cleanup (flushing) feature (happens now during DCC Read with 0 timeout parameter) for Cortex-A8
  • Optimized Cortex-A8 connection establishment after coming out of reset (after NRST signal assertion)
  • Added emergency script processing for Cortex-A8 core (h/w script which is executed immediately after core was halted)

JTAG Manager 1.28

  • Added RAM selft-test right before uploading DCC loader.
  • Added functionality to handle complex memory devices (like MDOC H3) with lengths not necessary to be alighned to MBs;
  • Added DCC TX channel flushing command before starting DCC Loader – thus it is guaranteed that next first DCC read will get DCC Loader’s packet and not some residual trash data.
  • Added 1GB and 2GB OneNAND chips to the size autodetection list.
  • Added progress indication during saving files which were read on the DCC Read/Write page

Please click “Check For Updates” button in order to download and apply new files. Closing all running application before starting update process is recommended.