RIFF JTAG – JTAG Manager v1.40 Released

29.02.2012    JTAG Manager v1.40 Released

Whats new:

  • Solved the problem with download of updates. Now no more nasty ‘Out of Disk Space’ error!!!Some users could experience this kind of error during download of large files (30MB and more). These errors were often with Wi-Fi configurations where certain routers dind’t handled passive ports FTP data transfers properly.
  • Added check if JTAG Manager is running with administrator rights (in case it is installed in Program Files location).
    This solves issues for older operating systems (Windows XP) which have no UAC and no manifest means controlling elevation of application rights. Thus –  now if the JTAG Manager is started without administator rights it will restart itself with request to run it “as administrator”.
  • Embedded font for text message window on JTAG Read/Write page.
  • Improved displaying of DLL version information: If FileVersion info is available JTAG Manger will display it rather than the internal version supplied by DLL.
    This simplifies version tracking for us.
  • Download speed limit is increased to 250kb/s

Please click “Check for Updates” button in order to download and apply new updates.

RIFF JTAG – JTAG Manager v1.36, RIFF Box firmware v1.27, GDB Server v1.05 released

07.10.2011   JTAG Manager v1.36, RIFF Box firmware v1.27 released

Whats new :

JTAG Manager 1.36
– Added fast presets for automatic selection of settings for most common operations on DCC Read/Write page
For this click Settings by Code button and select a desired preset from list and then click Apply Settings.
For example if user selects “Write Full Image into NAND memory” the valid settings on the DCC Read/Write page
for writting full images into devices with NAND memory will be automatically selected
– Fixed serious bug which caused resurrector DLLs which do upload data into RAM to upload broken data
For example DLLs which start Downlad Mode directly use this feature.
– Added feature to accept text name of memory chip from DCC Loader and display it (currently used to display eMMC memory product name)
– Fixed bug for resumming interrupted DCC Read: ifvcurrently cached file size was greater than > 2GB
(that is if read was interrupted on point when there was already more than 2GB of data read) the new reading data was not appended to the readout file end, but instead the file was corrupted.
– Fixed bug for saving big files (after reading on DCC Read/Write page): if size exceeded 0x7FFFFFFF bytes JTAG Manager show no free disk space error.
– Added TEGRA2 chipset selection in the Target list
– Fixed an issue with the resurrection progress bar: in some cases during resurrection operations the progress bar would always stay at 0%.

Firmware 1.27
– Added TEGRA2 debugging support (dual-core Cortex-A9)
– Added new breakpoint type: “address mismatch” which allows geniune single-stepping on Cortex-A8,A9 (CoreSight) targets
(thus GDB Server can now perform low-level single step commands)

RIFF GDB Server v1.05
– Added Thumb2 instructions CBNZ and CBZ for single stepping
– Added more Thumb2 32-bit branch exctructions for single stepping
– Added CoreSight low-level signle-stepping support (at least RIFF BOX Firmware v1.27 is required)