RIFF Box License Activation Available

Great news for all owners of unauthorized RIFF Box hardware !
We just decided to offer License Activation, which will enable all unauthorized users to use full set of original RIFF Box features !

With this activation You can:

  •  Register RIFF Box and receive license file;
  •  Update RIFF Box Firmware;
  •  Repair “RTCK Signal Does not respond”;
  •  Access RIFF files download servers;
  •  Receive support on RIFF forums;
  •  Receive and use all future updates;

This service is available trough Mr Softmobile, well known and trustable person in GSM world.
Please visit www.softmobile.net  to order License Activation Server credits.
This service is mainly intended for dealers with 10+ quantity of unauthorized RIFF Box hardware.
If You’re end user with just one box, please contact nearest authorized RIFF Box dealer for details.

RIFF JTAG – JTAG Manager v1.13, JTAG Firmware v1.13 released

27.08.2010 JTAG Manager v1.13, JTAG Firmware v1.13 released

Whats new:

JTAG Manger 1.13
– Added feature to display FLASH chip capacity information
– Added feature ‘Auto FullFlash size’ to DCC Read/Write page for simplified Full Images reading/writting
– Fixed DCC Loader Settings dialog
– Added resurrector interface function ‘GetChipSize’ which now enables resurrector DLL to receive target’s memory size
for proper data selection for flashing (like in Huawei Modem E1550 64/128MB versions);

Firmware 1.13
– fixed ARM9 core debug capabilities when core is in Thumb mode
(when ARM9 core was entering debug from Thumb state some CPSR register’s flags were lost, same was when core was leaving debug into Thumb mode);
– FFFFFFEE instruction was added into HAS scripts processing module;

Click “Check for Updates” button to download new JTAG Manager and JTAG firmware.