RIFF JTAG – JTAG Manager v1.13, JTAG Firmware v1.13 released

27.08.2010 JTAG Manager v1.13, JTAG Firmware v1.13 released

Whats new:

JTAG Manger 1.13
– Added feature to display FLASH chip capacity information
– Added feature ‘Auto FullFlash size’ to DCC Read/Write page for simplified Full Images reading/writting
– Fixed DCC Loader Settings dialog
– Added resurrector interface function ‘GetChipSize’ which now enables resurrector DLL to receive target’s memory size
for proper data selection for flashing (like in Huawei Modem E1550 64/128MB versions);

Firmware 1.13
– fixed ARM9 core debug capabilities when core is in Thumb mode
(when ARM9 core was entering debug from Thumb state some CPSR register’s flags were lost, same was when core was leaving debug into Thumb mode);
– FFFFFFEE instruction was added into HAS scripts processing module;

Click “Check for Updates” button to download new JTAG Manager and JTAG firmware.

RIFF JTAG – JTAG Manager v1.12

JTAG Manager 1.12
– Added mutlichain options support for CMM scripts
– Added advanced multichain setup (“Advanced…” in the TAP# field)
– Added Cortex-A8 processor selection
– Added BOX pinout button (which is placed on Resurrection page)

Firmware 1.12
– Addedd Cortex-A8 core 16-bit and 8-bit bus read/writes (which are be used in scripts mostly)
– Addedd CoreSight DAP ROM Table processing for automatic ARM core search.
– Addedd advanced MultiChain selection (IRPRE, IRPOST, DRPRE, DRPOST) in case simple TAP number is impossible to select (like in OMAP850)
– Addedd feature to set custom timeout after NRST is asserted back to high level
(for backward compatibility default timeout for ARM9 is set to 10ms, for other cores – 0ms)

Please start the JTAG Manager and click “Check for updates” button. You’ll be notified about new updates. Download everything and restart the software.
Box firmware will be updated automatically, but in case box stucks in bootcore mode, update firmware manually. Make sure to select v1.12 firmware.

Enjoy making $$$$ with RIFF Box !

RIFF Box – JTAG revolution in progress

RIFF Box by Rocker Team is finally released on market. We are very proud of it, there is no such device with so many complex functions supported. As always, we are presenting something unique and wonderful.
It will suit most of regular user needs, as well as advanced developers who need to debug their own embedded code. (Or reverse someone’s else 🙂 )

Unique scripting support,  GDB Server for IDA real time debugging, Trace32 scripts compatibility  and high quality hardware will be on Your service.
Our R&D Team is ready to serve our valued customers as well as our tech support staff.